Cornerstone Tutorials—Christian world view tutorials with Excellence in Writing®!
Each online course integrates multiple subjects with Great Books discussion and Institute for Excellence in Writing® taught by Cathy Flowers, IEW Certified Instructor.  3-5 credits in each course! 

John Whitehead challenges us with a series of questions:  "Are you teaching your children that Christianity is a system of thought that applies to all of life?" Deciding how we ought to live our lives and relate to others is dependent upon how we answer these world view questions.
           1.  Is there a God?  If so, what is He like?
            2.  What is the nature of man?
            3.  What is the universe like?
            4.  What is the cause of evil and suffering?
            5.  What is the basis of ethics and morality?
            6.  What happens to man at death?
            7.  What is the meaning of life and history?
Each Cornerstone Tutorial helps students lay a solid Biblical foundation—a Christian moral compass—that they’ll need to evaluate ideas they’ll confront in life.
Based on Cornerstone Curriculum’s Starting Points and World Views of the Western World courses, Cornerstone Tutorials with the Excellence in Writing® lessons features “the best of the best” original sources, whole books, and multi-media and integrates multiple subjects in each class:
Bible                            Western Civilization
Literature                   American Government
Writing                       Political Theory
World History           Humanities
American History      Fine Arts History and Appreciation
Let Cathy Flowers assist you in your homeschooling journey, providing you with consistent weekly tutoring and regular writing instruction with paper grading service that builds communication skills.
Institute for Excellence in Writing®: IEW is my method of writing instruction which teaches students how to think and write truth. To learn more about the IEW method and materials used in these tutorials, go here.  How do these online tutorials actually work?  Click here. 
The goal is for students to embrace their faith as they assess ideas and communicate them using rhetoric skills in a compelling and engaging way to a culture that sorely needs Christ’s redeeming effects. Scripture declares, “But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect" (1 Peter 3:15).
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"One of the best programs I have seen that offers a clearly Christian classical education is David Quine's World Views of the Western World …" ~Michael Farris
"… those looking for a serious world view course that is the primary focus of the high school years need look no further!" ~ Cathy Duffy, Top 100 Picks