Answers for Difficult Days Bible Study—to complete before first class.
Let Us Highly Resolve (optional: a family summer read aloud)
CORNERSTONE CURRICULUM COMPLETE SET Worldviews Year 1 "The Bible and Ancient Thought."
Click on titles below to order individually (listed in order of use):
“The Bible and Ancient Thought” syllabus
Affliction by Edith Schaeffer (ISBN: 0801083559)
How Should We Then Live? Book (ISBN: 1581345364)
Genesis in Space and Time (ISBN: 0877846367)
The Universe Next Door, 5th ed. (ISBN: 0830838503)
Francis Schaeffer: Trilogy (ISBN: 0891075615)
* REQUIRED: Worldview Library Editions Get these versions. They include marginal notes, Bible verses, and other important helps. They have the same translation and pagination that we use in class which affords the best interactive class discussion time as we refer to scenes, book, page and line numbers.  (Your student won't feel lost!) Please get Worldview Library Editions:
 *The Iliad Worldview Library Edition--required  
*The Odyssey Worldview Library Edition--required
*The Aeneid Worldview Library Edition--required
Socrates (dramatized audio)
Francis Schaeffer’s downloadable 4-part talks on the book of Job  through L'Abri Library or purchase A Study of Job (audio)
*Plato’s Republic Worldview Library Edition--required 
NOTE: The following audio CDs are part of the Giants of Philosophy 26-CD set used in Ancient Thought and Modern Era. It is less expensive to get the complete set than the following individual titles:
Aristotle (dramatized audio) by Knowledge Products or Giants of Philosophy set
Aquinas (dramatized audio) by Knowledge Products   Giants of Philosophy set
Plato (dramatized audio)  by Knowledge Products or Giants of Philosophy set
Augustine (dramatized audio) bu Knowledge Products  or Giants of Philosophy set
*The City of God Worldview Library Edition--required
 How Should We Then Live? DVD (streaming available at Amazon and Youtube). 
IEW--Excellence in Writing ® 
Windows to the World Student Book.
Fix It! Grammar: Little Mermaid Teacher's Manual Book 4. This comes with printable Student Book or you can purchase an already-printed Student Book.
Highly recommended! Writing Source Packet. Optional: Portable Walls for the Essayist
REQUIRED: Jackson Spielvogel's Western Civilization Comprehensive Volume 5th edition, or  Western Civilization, 6th Edition. (7th or 8th editions will work, too) Jackson Spielvogel has many partial editions.  Get this combined volume used at Amazon 6th edition (ISBN: 0534646026), or 7th edition (ISBN: 0495502855), or 8th edition (ISBN: 0495913243). Students will do regular readings in history and use this resource for papers. 
ALSO REQUIRED: A Basic History of Western Art, 7th Edition by Janson et. al. (softbound, ISBN: 131916076 or 8th edition: 013603912X0) or A Short History of Art, 7th Edition by Janson and Janson (hardbound, ISBN: 0131927310).  Each chapter includes a short historical summary of the period followed by detailed descriptions for select works of sculpture, architecture, and painting by key artists from each era. Students will read a portion of this excellent book each year. BONUS: My Cornerstone Tutorials Art Guide and Answer Key correlates our world view study with this art book, included in this tutorial! 
 Timeline Figures: Amy Pak’s “Creation to Christ” Timeline Figures.  I like Amy Pak's figures with captions but any set will do. Students will keep a Timeline Notebook.  Get Amy's Creation to Christ” set or Complete Set on CD. Timeline Helps are at the Cave (our private website classroom).

Optional: MLA Handbook 8th Edition (ISBN: 1603292624).
Optional: Adventures in Art "Fine Arts" e-book (I’m not sure this is included in the package.) It has been unavailable for years, so I wrote our art guide for A Basic History of Western Art, 7th Edition by Janson, recommended. Students will read about sculpture, architecture, and paintings corresponding to the period we study each year.  This shows the worldview of the day.
Optional: Music and Moments with the Masters book (2002) with Norton Anthology six-CD set is Year V.  “Classical Composers” is the last section of the MMM book for high school. Here’s the link to the Norton Recorded Anthology of Western Music (5th ed.,) Concise Version six-CD set. (ISBN: 0393106101) if you wish to purchase it separately for listening pleasure. We don't do much music this year but will use this resource in Renaissance & Reformation and Revolutionary Age.
Julius Caesar starring Charlton Heston DVD or with Marlo Bando
The Robe starring Richard Burton DVD
Quo Vadis starring Robert Taylor DVD
See a modern day Parthenon in Centennial Park, Nashville TN