Your student has this unique opportunity to receive Excellence in Writing instruction with literature as they study the Great Books of Western civilization and classics.
Let me partner with you and alleviate some of the ongoing burden you feel by providing consistent coursework and accountability with:
1. Limited class size with encouraging, supportive peers.
2. Direct instruction with a “front-row seat.”
3. Interactive class, with mentored discussion, responses, quizzes, and polls.
4. Detailed Excellence in Writing instruction and modeling.
5. Specific checklists and paper requirements with clear homework assignments.
6. Paper evaluations with personalized feedback and a percentage grade.
7. Streamlined student effort: A few subjects are studied deeply a few hours each day.
8. Schedule allows time for electives or other pursuits.
9. Multi-media: Mini-lecture, modeling, demonstrations, examples.
10. Archived class recordings. Access it for review or for missed class sick days.
11. Private website classroom area called the Cave for homework schedule, assignments, handouts, our Art Study Guide quizzes and key, and interactive Student Forum.
12. Students learn to own their educational goals and develop a sense of accomplishment.

TUTOR:   As your IEW Certified Instructor, I supply direction, tutoring, scheduling, and accountability needed to consistently pace students through these honors level high school courses. I provide tips and guidance so you can keep abreast of the subjects your student is studying with open office hours and messaging. Additionally, I give regular assessments so you can adequately judge your student’s performance and papers. Just jump in the "Great Conversation," grapple with Christian world view thinking for your mind and heart, and join us for an excellent Great Books education.

Why classics and the Great Books of the Judeo-Christian Western tradition?

      While other cultural studies are important, we are limited in time and energy during high school.  We cannot study everything there is to know, so we must necessarily limit.  Western Civilization, with its root of Judeo-Christian culture, is our Christian and American heritage and therefore our focus for high school. 
      Your high school student has this unique opportunity to receive a quality classical education based on a scriptural worldview, Great Books of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization, Francis Schaeffer books, and primary source documents.  Each course features the “best of the best” for each time period.  In addition, all study is mentored learning with Socratic discussions.  This allows for a safe forum to discuss challenging current events or difficult concepts with encouraging and supportive peers. 
      My aim is for students to claim their Christian faith and educational goals to produce a satisfying sense of accomplishment.  But more importantly, the goal is for students to express their faith as they assess ideas and communicate them using rhetoric skills in a winsome and engaging way to a culture that sorely needs Christ’s redeeming effects. 
      Students may not, will not, get this opportunity to have a Great Books education from a Christian perspective in college.  Now is the time! Enroll today.