INTERACTIVE. Cornerstone Tutorials are live, interactive classes with discussions about classic works and Excellence in Writing instruction.  First, students login to our online Adobe Connect classroom.  We begin with points of grammar using prepared documents or a white board just like a traditional classroom.  Students see, hear, and ask questions about the lesson in their “front row seat” as I explain the finer points of Fix It Grammar and Editing. Next, I teach literary concepts or literary analysis concepts, or Greek terms like kleos.  I model how to do the writing assignment with interactive exercises, quizzes, and break-out sessions. Participating in real time, students type quiz answers in the chat box or raise their virtual “hand” to ask questions or give answers using their microphones.
LIVE DISCUSSION. Next, we go to “discussion mode” where students see and hear everyone in round table fashion as we discuss key ideas they’ve been reading during the week.  During discussion time, these are ideas are apprehended then applied to modern ideas.  Everyone gets a chance to answer and interject as we analyze and assimilate major ideas people face. All students synthesize these answers for a full-orbed understanding of these leading ideas. To get the full power and appreciation of these great works, I teach specific writing and literary analysis skills each year at beginning and advanced levels using the Institute for Excellence in Writing methods and materials.
RECORDED CLASSES. If students are sick and miss class, they may access the archived session to see writing instruction or class discussion.   If they have a question about how to do the paper, they can go directly to that section of class for quick clarification
SAVES TIME. While it looks like a lot of work, it actually saves students time because they study deeply a few areas each day for a few hours rather than work through eight different subjects separately.  On some days, students may spend more time reading classics and answering syllabus questions while on other days, their focus is writing assignments which are expressly correlated to their studies. 
 What are the four Rs of a Christian, classical education?