INTERACTIVE. Cornerstone Tutorials are live, interactive classes with discussions about classic works and Excellence in Writing instruction.  First, students login to our online Adobe Connect classroom.  We begin with points of grammar with a flurry of responses in chat. Students see, hear, and ask questions about the lesson in their “front row seat” as I explain the finer points of Fix It Grammar and Editing. Next, I teach literary concepts or Greek terms like hubris.  I model how to do the writing assignment with its step-by-step directions, exercises, and checklist. Participating in real time, students type quiz answers in the chat box or raise their virtual “hand” to ask questions or give answers using their microphones. 
LIVE DISCUSSION. Next, we go to “discussion mode” where students see and hear everyone in round table fashion as we discuss key ideas they’ve been reading during the week.  Everyone gets a chance to answer and interject as we analyze and assimilate major ideas people face. All students synthesize these answers for a full-orbed understanding of these leading ideas. To get the full power and appreciation of these great works, I teach specific writing and literary analysis skills each year at beginning and advanced levels using the Institute for Excellence in Writing Structure and Style™ methods and materials. 
RECORDED CLASSES. If students are sick and miss class, they may access the archived session to see writing instruction or class discussion.   If they have a question about how to do the paper, they can go directly to that section of class for quick clarification.
SAVES TIME. While it looks like a lot of work, it actually saves students time because they study deeply a few areas each day for a few hours rather than work through eight different subjects separately.  On some days, students may spend more time reading classics and answering syllabus questions while on other days, their focus is writing assignments which are expressly correlated to their studies.  In high school, just add math, science, and electives for a complete course of study!

Rather than skim through a cursory study of an overwhelming compilation of Greco-Roman works, students study deeply the very “best of the best” Great Books and original sources featured in the Great Conversation that Mortimer Adler refers to in the Great Books tradition.  They’ll discover for themselves the thoughts and ideas of those people who have influenced Western culture. 
4 R’s:  Students are required to actively participate in learning by: 
               Researching the subject or study, first from a Biblical view
               Reasoning through and identifying the leading ideas and basic principles with syllabus work
               Relating it to other areas of study and the world around them through Socratic discussions
               Recording  what was learned in the syllabus as well as writing and presentations
Students first look at the subject of study biblically, then read the Great Books and classics to identify what these key thinkers say.  Secondly, they reason through these ideas with syllabus questions.  But we don’t stop there!  Next, we frame these views by mentored Socratic discussion, relating them to previous study and current culture.  In our online classroom, students see and hear other students in discussion time as all participate!  Finally, students exercise rhetorical skills by codifying their understanding in writing and presentations. 

               Western Civilization, with its root of Judeo-Christian culture, is our Christian and American heritage and therefore our focus for high school. 
               Your student has this unique opportunity to receive a quality classical education based on a scriptural worldview, Great Books of the Judeo-Christian Western civilization, Francis Schaeffer books, and primary source documents.  We use Cornerstone Curriculum for our world view studies. These feature the “best of the best” for each time period. In addition, all study is mentored learning with Socratic discussions.  This allows for a safe forum to discuss challenging current events or difficult concepts with encouraging and supportive peers. 
               Our aim is for students to claim their Christian faith and educational goals to produce a satisfying sense of accomplishment.  But more importantly, the goal is for students to express their faith as they assess ideas and communicate them using rhetoric skills in a winsome and engaging way to a culture that sorely needs Christ’s redeeming effects. 
               Students may not get this opportunity to have a Great Books education from a Christian perspective in college.  Now is the time!  Christ changed the world, and we want our students to see and experience His world-changing influence and to empower them for life in the 21st century. 
Cornerstone Tutorials’ World Views courses constitute an integrated and comprehensive high school course of study. Each course is equivalent to at least three to five high school classes! Enroll here.