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Excellence in Writing® Classes 2019-2020
These award-winning courses are designed for students to learn the IEW writing method and models with style to use for any writing assignment! Classes fill quickly! Enrollment opens APRIL 1. Choose Cathy Flowers! 

Objectives: To teach students models of composition and stylistic techniques
     Course covers:
     Note taking with key word outlines, the basis for essay planning all year
     Basic style: dress-ups and sentence openers, required all year
     Writing about stories
     Taking notes from live lectures
     Summarizing longer articles
     Summarizing multiple articles
     Basic research paper with bibliography
     Work on paraphrasing and understanding plagiarism
     Research with full documentation, MLA style
     Notes from the Brain (description and narration)
     Grammar concepts and daily editing practice
Level C: Student Writing Intensive Level C (SWI-C). Wednesdays, 1:00 Central Time. Full.  Enroll here.
Level C: Student Writing Intensive Level C (SWI-C). Wednesdays, 2:30 Central Time. Full. Enroll here.
Level C: Student Writing Intensive Level C (SWI-C) Thursdays, 10:00 Central Time. Full. Enroll here.

Exploring creative writing and focusing on research reports, this composition course teaches students to take notes on texts and conduct an interview. Latin word roots and advanced stylistic techniques are explored. Students practice voice by writing narrative stories in the voice of selected authors and discover how to write creative paragraphs from pictures. Students learn to write a research super essay with complete citations in MLA formatting style.
Objectives: To prepare students in advanced models of composition; focus: college prep.
Course covers:
     Writing—all based on planned key word outlines
     Short summaries of current events articles
     Writing from pictures
     SAT and ACT essays
     College application essays (application of description and narration
     Research papers, MLA documentation
     Biographical, five paragraphs
     Event in history or science, seven paragraphs
     Twelve-paragraph essay, open topic
     Interview essay
     Author imitations
     Persuasive essays
     Letters to an editor with submission
     Literary analysis
     Advanced grammar concepts and daily editing practice
     Advanced style
For students entering grades 11-12 with IEW and MLA documentation experience and solid grammar skills.
Continuation Course Level C. Wednesdays, 11:30 Central Time. Enroll here. FULL

Your tutor: Excellence in Writing® with Cathy Flowers, IEW Certified Instructor.  For over two decades, I’ve taught children in grades 2-12 all aspects of the Excellence in Writing® method, from outlines to full research papers with documentation.  IEW Structure and Style is my method of writing instruction for all Cornerstone Tutorials.
Dear Mrs. Flowers,  
I always enjoy what I hear of your lectures when Kyle is "in class."  Thanks for your upbeat and practical teaching.  I am very thankful for it every time I hear it.  
Laura, Kyle’s mom 
Mrs. Flowers,
Wow, is about all I can say!  This has certainly been a year of improvement for Griffin's writing skills and ability.  He is far more confident than before when it comes to writing, and I often find him proud of his work, excited for his father and I to take a listen to what he has created! We are grateful for the opportunity IEW has developed with its online classes to assist homeschooling parents who either weren't granted the desire to teach or the gifting to teach it. Learning how to write has benefited not only our student but also his parents!  IEW is a HUGE blessing.  
Rhonda McCloy
Dear Miss Cathy, 
      I would like to thank you for all your help this year. Ahmed learned a lot from you. As you know Ahmed's first language is Arabic; therefore, writing was a bit of struggle at first. He takes many subjects in English as well as writing, but it is nothing compared to what you have taught him. His teacher praised his writing, telling him he was a good writer. Ahmed will continue with the IEW, but on the second semester he will take the [essay] course and the following year he will take the last writing course. He still needs to improve in his writing, especially the research part because he will go to the United States for college. Hopefully you will be his teacher in one of the courses he takes in the future.
Dalia Alamoudi
My son, Ryan, took several online classes for the first time this year.  Your class was my favorite.  Reading your communications with the class left no doubt in my mind that you are a teacher that really cares and really wants every child to succeed at writing.  There was something special about your enthusiastic approach to giving constructive feedback.  I told Ryan that not every teacher cares as much as Mrs. Flowers and that he was really fortunate to have you in his first year of online classes.  I wanted to email you all year—thank you!  Diane Lingo