THE REVOLUTIONARY AGE. (2019-20) Compares and contrasts four major revolutions: The English, American, French, and Russian Revolutions from 1600 through early 1900s.This unique course of study is classical, Christian, and comprehensive.  As students study primary source documents, multi-media, and classics, they assess ideas and compare them to Scripture in class discussions.  Finally, they learn to communicate them in speech and research writing.

include: Deuteronomy, Magna Charta, English Bill of Rights, The Law, the Prince, Leviathan, Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, Tale of Two Cities, Animal Farm, The Bill of Rights, Communist Manifesto, US Constitution, and more.

Institute for Excellence in Writing® Using IEW models and methods, I begin with basic essay and quickly advance to advanced essay and research writing with MLA source documentation that directly correlates with The Revolutionary Age so students get the full power of these great works. Skills include:
     Basic and Expanded Essay
     Academic papers with documentation
     Research Writing
     Writing Research Papers
     Fix It: Sir Gawain Grammar Book 6 (3rd ed.)

Philosophy & Theology        Literature & Research writing
American History                  American Government
Political Theory                     Fine Arts History and Appreciation

English III                             1 credit
American History I                1 credit
American Government          1 credit
Political Theory                     1 credit
Fine Arts II                           ½ credit
                        ~Total 4 1/2 Credits~
In two-hour weekly sessions, I supply the direction, scheduling, tutoring, and accountability needed to consistently pace a student through this honors level course of study.  Additionally, I teach Excellence in Writing® research skills and give personalized feedback and grade with each assignment. To learn about IEW and how these courses work, click here.    
High School. Prerequisite: Essay writing. Begins August 2019. 32 weekly, two-hour sessions. Classes are recorded. 
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TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Each student needs to have his or her own computer with high speed connection and personal headset with built in microphone.  It is important each student has a working web cam, too, for group discussion time and when giving answers or presenting speeches.


THANK YOU so much for the teaching and guidance you provided for Gabe these past 3 years. He has accomplished what I had hoped for; confidence in writing an essay, an interest in history, and a strength in his Christian Worldview. He has grown so much as a reader and a writer under your teaching.  He excels in Math and Science, so I'm so thankful that he now has strength in English, too!

This year, he had to write 4 essays in the co-op class, and he didn't sweat it at all! He quickly wrote up an outline and confidently wrote his papers! He also helped his younger sister and younger brother with their writing assignments!

Thank you again for your teaching and perseverance with our children. The fruits of your labors are clearly evident!