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Starting Points Syllabus or syllabus by itself from Christian Book
ǂAnswers for Difficult Days by David Quine  
Know What You Believe by Paul E. Little 
How to Read Slowly by James Sire 
*Frankenstein-The World View Library Edition 
*Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde - The World View Library Edition 
The Deadliest Monster by J. F. Baldwin    
Know Why You Believe by Paul E. Little 
Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis 
Assumptions by Christian Overman
Never Before in History: America's Inspired Birth by Gary Amos

ORDER from Excellence in Writing ®
Fix It! Grammar: Frog Prince, or Just Deserts Teacher's Manual Book 3. 3rd ed.
This Teacher Manual includes a printable Student Book.  If you do not want to print it, you can purchase an already-printed Student Book. 

Recommended: Writing Source Packet and Portable Walls for the Essayist

ǂTimeline figures: Amy Pak’s “America’s History” or  complete set on CD (or any similar timeline figures). See student forum for Timeline Directions.
Chronicles of Narnia (not included in the complete package) Any editions are fine but do plan to mark the books: The Magician's Nephew, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, The Horse and His Boy.
Wizard of Oz DVD 
It’s a Wonderful Life DVD

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington DVD
A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation-the Making of the Constitution. Director Johnson. Actor Craig Wasson. DVD
The Profound Effects of Music on Life” audio CD, Andrew Pudewa.

ǂ Note: Used in all Cornerstone Tutorials courses.
*Worldview Library Edition