STARTING POINTS (2018-19) This tutorial establishes the Biblical world view in your student’s minds and hearts, providing a compass for the evaluation of ideas that they confront in life.  Starting Points is not simply a Bible study or apologetics course.  It is a multi-subject study that covers three subject areas: Bible, literature with IEW writing, and history. Students earn 3 ½ credits for this one class! (Add math, science, and electives for a complete course of study.) Grades 8-10. Begins August 2018.

Teach your children that Christianity is a system of thought that applies to all of life. They will decide how to live and relate to others depending on how they answer these seven world view questions.
PART 1 Building the Biblical World View
Students begin with an inductive Bible study answering the seven world view questions:
            1 - What is God like?
            2 - What is man like?
            3 - What is the universe like?
            4 - What is the cause of evil and suffering?
            5 - What is the basis of ethics and morality?
            6 - What happens to man at death?
            7 - What is the meaning of life and history?
PART 2 Examining Literature
Students analyze literature and film from a Biblical perspective and examine the world view of novelists and filmmakers to determine if their ideas are consistent with the Biblical world view.
PART 3 Speaking the Biblical World View
Evidential, classical-moral, and pre-suppositional apologetics are studied.
PART 4 Founding a Nation
Students examine the foundational thoughts and customs of colonial America starting with the Magna Charta through English kings to the thoughts that shaped America’s Founding Documents.

GOAL: For students to develop virtue, to own their faith as they assess ideas and communicate them using rhetoric skills in a winsome and engaging way to a culture that sorely needs Christ’s redeeming effects.

Institute for Excellence in Writing ®Starting Points students learn to think and write truth as they build facility and confidence with my incremental lessons expressly correlated to Starting Points study.  They learn all nine writing models and style from paragraphs to essay so that they effectively communicate their own reasoned answers in speech and writing. Skills and resources include:
            Our IEW Structure and Style syllabus
            IEW basic paragraphs through essay
            Introduction to speech
            Teaching the Classics literary analysis
            Fix It: Grammar Book 3 Frog Prince Teacher’s Manual
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OPEN HOUSE. Click here to see my Open House introducing Starting Points. 

ENROLL: Opens March 15. Tuesdays 9:30-11:30 a.m Eastern Time. To enroll in STARTING POINTS, click here. Begins August 14, 2018.

U.S. History Writing (gr. 6-8), Starting Points (gr. 8+), and Renaissance & Reformation (high school)
2019-20: World History Writing (gr. 6-8), Ancient Thought (gr. 9-11) and The Revolutionary Age (gr. 10-12)

C. S. Lewis talks about developing virtue: “But the truth is that right actions done for the wrong reason do not help to build the internal quality or character called a virtue, and it is this quality or character that really matters.”