TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Each student needs to have his or her own computer with high speed connection and personal headset with built in microphone.  I use Plantronics DSP 400 or Plantronics HW261N binaural headset. For video cameras, I recommend any HD camera. They're usually built into laptops. Note: Tablets and Chromebooks do not work in the Adobe Connect classroom.

It is important each student has a working web cam, too, for group discussion time and when giving answers or presenting speeches. To assure strong bandwidth, close browser windows and limit internet use during class time. Check that all hardware is installed on your computer.

Your Adobe Connect classroom is launched from, and rendered in, the Adobe Flash Player. This plug-in is installed on 98% of computers but check that you have the most recent software.  Do this every month or so. Best browsers are Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. This ubiquitous plug-in offers basic audio controls. You will need to have Adobe Flash Player to participate. Please install the Adobe Connect Meeting Application.

Go to "Technical Helps" page for further help.