Enrollment opens APRIL 1. Each course is one year. Invite your friends to join you!

1) Please fill out this ENROLLMENT APPLICATION. Choose your course from the drop-down menu and fill in the form.
2) Submit your student's writing sample (new students only), as an email attachment, to tutor.cornerstone@gmail.com. Any recent composition will do.
3) Send tuition payment. Information is on the Enrollment Application form.
IMPORTANT: Seats are given to students with completed applications. Students are not considered enrolled until the enrollment application, student writing sample, and tuition is received.

Tuition for the 2017-18 school year
U.S. Writing Class = $495
Ancient Thought Course = $600
The Revolutionary Age Course = $600

Tuition may be paid in full at time of enrollment or in two installments, July 15, 2017 and October 15, 2017.

DISCOUNT FEE for Private-Pay (check or money order to Cathy Flowers):
U.S. Writing Class = $464, or two payments of $212
Ancient Thought Course = $575, or two payments of $287
The Revolutionary Age Course = $575, or two payments of $287

CREDIT CARD OPTION with PayPal (includes transaction fee): tutor.cornerstone@gmail.com
U.S. Writing Class = $478, or two payments of $239
Ancient Thought Course = $592, or two payments of $296.
The Revolutionary Age Course = $592, or two payments of $296.

LATE PAYMENT FEE.  $25.  After July 15 or October 15. Late entry tuition after July 15 is full payment.  No refunds are granted after the second week of class. If initial payment is not received by May 1, your seat is yielded to next student on the wait list.

CONFIRMATION. Completed registration will be processed between May 1 and June 1. Your enrollment is confirmed and checks cashed after the May 1 enrollment deadline.  Accepted students will receive additional enrollment information at this time.

ORDER BOOKS. Please order all materials promptly to assure student success. The book lists with live links are on the menu bar. Purchase questions? Email me.  

WAIT LIST. To check availability or be put on the Wait List, please email me: tutor.cornerstone@gmail.com.

UPON ENROLLMENT. Each enrolled family will be contacted in August about log-in information for our private website classroom (the Cave) where students find their schedules, Cornerstone Tutorials Art Guide, quizzes, timeline and notebook directions, and other documents. In addition, you will receive login information for our online classroom, student forum, and LearnBoost accounts. All students should have basic word processing skills. 

All high school students should complete the Answers for Difficult Days Bible study during the summer (if they have not already done so), and the introduction pages of the syllabus. A suggested Summer Schedule will be sent to you. For family summer reading time, I highly recommend Let Us Highly Resolve.