“Most people catch their world view from their family and surroundings the way a child catches measles. But people with more understanding realize that their presuppositions should be chosen after a careful considering of what world view is true.”  -Dr. Schaeffer 

HOW DO THE TUTORIALS WORK?   Cornerstone Tutorials are live, interactive classes with Socratic discussions about classic works and Excellence in Writing instruction.  First, students login to our online Webex classroom.  We begin with prayer, then I teach literary concepts or points of grammar using prepared documents or a white board just like a traditional classroom.  Students see and hear the lesson in their “front row seat” as I point to sentences and we mark errors.  I explain Fix It Grammar and Editing, literary analysis concepts, or Greek terms like kleos.  We listen to music selections or observe art which directly relates to the values and culture of the era they’re studying.  Students see the Class Syllabus or writing checklist, then I model how to do the writing assignment by writing on a chart or white board.  Participating in real time, students type quiz answers in the chat box or raise their virtual “hand” to ask questions using their microphones. 
               Next, we go to “discussion mode” where students see and hear everyone as we discuss Biblical principles and key ideas they’ve been reading during the week.  We look at syllabus pages along with our books, and I ask questions in order to get key ideas “on the table” to discuss.  These are apprehended then applied to modern ideas.  Everyone gets a chance to answer and interject as we analyze and assimilate major ideas people face.
               If students are sick and miss class, they may access our complete archived session to see writing help, my introduction to a book, or class discussion.  All students synthesize these answers for a full-orbed understanding of these leading ideas.  If they have a question about how to do the paper, they can go directly to that section of class for quick clarification. 
               These tutorials do not artificially fracture academic disciplines into isolated subject areas for specific periods.  Instead, each one is a thoroughly Christian, classical, and comprehensive course of study that integrates multiple subject areas, so it is multi-faceted, and follows a Hebraic, rather than our typical Greek divisions of traditional education today. These courses feature great works, primary source documents, classics, and mentoring with Socratic discussion.
               While it looks like a lot of work, it actually saves students time because they study deeply a few areas each day for a few hours rather than work through eight different subjects separately.  On some days, students may spend more time reading classics and answering syllabus questions while on other days, their focus is writing assignments which are expressly correlated to their studies.  Each tutorial course is equivalent to three to five high school classes!
I know how hard it can be to consistently keep up with high school coursework.  I want to partner with you, to alleviate some of your burden by providing the accountability and consistency you need for your student. Because I believe high school is the perfect time for parents to inculcate their Christian values in their students before they leave home, I encourage parents:
     ~To read the books as possible and learn the core ideas of Western Civilization.
     ~To understand this writing method and process as I teach it so you know how to help your students at home as needed.
     ~To view the archived session and follow the Biblical principles we discuss in class so you can discuss or clarify them with your student, too. It's enlightening and life changing!
As your tutor, I supply direction, tutoring, scheduling, and accountability needed to consistently pace students through these honors level high school courses.  Students have ready access to our private website classroom called the “Cave” where they obtain their Class Syllabus and CT’s Student Resource Notebook, homework schedules, messages, checklists, CT’s Art Study Guide, quizzes, and key, artwork, and other helps.   I provide tips and guidance so you can keep abreast of the subjects your student is studying.  Additionally, I give regular assessments so you can adequately judge your student’s performance and papers. To get the full power and appreciation of these great works, I teach specific writing and literary analysis skills each year at beginning and advanced levels using the Institute for Excellence in Writing methods and materials. Just jump in the "Great Conversation," grapple with Christian world view thinking for your mind and heart, and join us for an excellent Great Books education.   What are the four Rs of a Christian, classical education?