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U. S. History-Based Writing Student Book
Fix It Grammar Book 1 The Note Tree Teacher Manual
(includes printable student pages)
Optional: Printed Book 1 The Nose Tree Student Book
Optional: printed Student Resource Packet (SRP). This comes with your US Student Book in downloadable PDF, and it is required so you'll need to print it, but you may want it already printed in its own matching notebook.  Student Resource Packet & notebook. 
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
, Elizabeth George Speare (ISBN: 0547550294) Note: this story is not about witches. It is a story about Puritans in the1600s.
Johnny Tremaine,
Esther Forbes (ISBN: 0547614322)
The Sign of the Beaver,
Elizabeth George Speare (ISBN: 0547577117)
By the Great Horn Spoon!
, Sid Fleishman (ISBN: 0316286125)
Rifles for Watie
, Harold Keith (ISBN: 006447030X)
Hattie Big Sky,
Kirby Larson (ISBN: 0385735952)
Journey to Topaz: A Story of the Japanese American Evacuation
, Yoshico Uchida (ISBN: 1890771910)
Who Was Thomas Edison? (ISBN: 0448437651) optional, used for research.
Who was Alexander Graham Bell?
(ISBN: 0448464608) optional, for research.
Who were the Wright Brothers?
(ISBN: 0448479516) optional, for research.