WORLD HISTORY-BASED WRITING with LITERATURE. (2019-20) New! In this complete English course, students develop composition skills and style for all nine writing models of the Structure and Style Writing Method™.  Beginning with the printing press, students will learn about world discoveries and conquests, scientific advancements, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, the engineering feats and key struggles of the early 20th century, and modern day. We’ll read and discuss seven novels that integrate with the historical topics used for writing assignments. Fix It Grammar is taught. Vocabulary is emphasized.
     Amos Fortune, Free Man
     Who was Galileo? 
     Who was Isaac Newton?
     In the Reign of Terror or The Lacemaker and the Princess
     Lord of the Nutcracker Men
     The Endless Steppe: Growing up in Siberia
     Number the Stars
     Who was Ronald Reagan?
     The Giver

INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING This is a live, interactive class! Students see and hear each other in real time as I teach Excellence in Writing™ for each assignment. We discuss literature, work through writing and grammar exercises and quizzes, and review key principles and rules for editing with direct Fix It Grammar instruction. 

MENTORED LEARNING. Let IEW Certified Instructor Cathy Flowers assist you in your homeschooling journey. With live, interactive sessions, students receive consistent weekly tutoring, book discussions to develop literary analysis, regular writing and grammar instruction, and personalized feedback with a grade on all assignments. Classes are designed to build oral and written communication skills in speech and composition.

ENROLL: For students going into grades 6-8 (ages 11-13). No previous IEW writiing experience required. 30 weekly sessions. Plan for 90 minutes for each session. Classes are recorded. Begins August 2019. Enrollment opens March 1, 2019. Sign up for an Enrollment Notification email.  ENROLL here.

2018-19: U.S. History Writing (gr. 6-8), Starting Points (gr. 8+), and Renaissance & Reformation (high school)
2019-20: World History Writing (gr. 6-8), Ancient Thought (gr. 9-11) and The Revolutionary Age (gr. 10-12)